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Portland Protainment
(Promotions & Entertainment)

Portland Protainment (Promotions & Entertainment)

The self promoting talent agency

Portland Protainment is a collaborative project. 

The project focus is to form a union of local artists and business owners, to provide a self promoting talent agency, where our collective database of talent, can perform any commissioned work, while giving the "booking agent" power to the union members. 

How we function

We network and promote ourselves as a "union of freelance workers." We, together, are Portland Protainment Media Group. If someone needs a photographer, even if you are a caterer, you are part of our network, send the information our way, and if we book a photographer for that inquiry, you will get paid for booking that commissioned work. (Vice Versa) If you are an artist, you join our network, and you are put on the waiting list. We send work inquiries to the next artist on the list, if they choose not to perform the work, we go to the next artist. (Or if you are asked for specifically.) We will actively network and look for work for you, like a talent agency, for a portion of the commissioned work.


85% of commission goes to artist. 

10% goes to booking agent. 

5% goes to union to pay to run all media platforms. 

There is no fee to pay to join, just agree to promote the media group, as you can get paid by either helping book, or getting booked, for commissioned work. 

Minimum requirements to participate

-Social Media IS A MUST. We have commissioned blogging opportunities, and the social media outreach of a union member, sometimes dictates how much companies are willing to pay for a blog post from you. 

We recommend you have and continuously promote/ post on the following platforms:

1. Facebook (Facebook fan page, account not enough)

2. Twitter

3. Youtube Channel (one video with at least 100 views) 

4. Instagram

5. Website (This website can be used as you blogging website, if you don't have your own. We encourage members to use this platform to brand themselves under, to franchise their work as part of the union's. If you have your own website, we will hyperlink everything for you.) 

If you do not have these platforms, we can help you set these up. 

-Networking is key to how we work. Being part of the union gives every member the power to become a booking agent for the union. Every member agrees that their pricing includes 15% of the commission, set aside for union and booking fees. (10% goes to the person who referred the job, 5% goes to maintenance fees to run the site, as there are no "up front" member fees to join this program.) 

Example: You are a graphic designer. You run into someone who wants a mural painted. You cannot do that, but being part of the union, you refer this job to the Portland Protainment Media Group. We find an artist, within our network, who will do the work. Commission slips will be sent out via email of pay out amount. Once work is finished and approved by client, commissions will be released to artists and booking agent. (This way, we can maintain quality work is being performed, and we are not taking people's money and never perform the work.) 

-Professionalism: Anybody you talk to, is a potential client to this media group, whether it's clothing, design or art work, we treat each person you talk to as a potential client. You never know if you are talking to an owner of a business or an art studio director, networking professionally is always asked of our members. 

-Events that require a different pay scale will require a signed agreement, to ensure pay rate to union members. 

What does Portland Protainment do?

We are a media group. In today's modern world, social media platforms can be used to connect consumers to businesses very efficiently, and vice versa.

We generate media to share on the internet. Whether it's audio podcasts, videos, photographs, or art, we self promote all the members, in order to create shareable content. We are uniform in media branding to help the union brand itself, as a whole. We are a network of freelancers, who help promote one another, to generate internet "buzz" about ourselves.

We collaborate with one another to produce professional marketing campaigns that benefit everyone involved.

We collectively promote our content on all media platforms, of all union members, while trying to grow their social media reach. 

We all continuously network our union, to generate business for ourselves, via internet, the latest trending app, or "real world" street promoting. 

What do YOU do?

1. Contact us via online form, and we will email you back at our earliest convenience. 

2. If you don't have a business social media page for yourself or your business, go ahead and make unique accounts for facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, and supply a website. (If you don't have a website, we can make an account for you to blog through our site as a content generator or writer. Facebook must be a facebook "fan page" not just a facebook account, for blogging price negotiation purposes. It is recommended to make separate promotional accounts, besides your personal accounts, but not necessary.)

3. Repost any and all content generated by the Portland Protainment Media Group.

4.Network and collaborate with other union members, to create original online media content, whether it be interviewing for a podcast, doing a collaborative photoshoot, or making a promotional video. The goal is to continuously try to make content for the internet, but with out brand logo. 

4. Post at least once a day, to social media, to help generate traffic to all social media accounts. (The more followers, the more offers from companies we get.)

5. Be ready to accept or pass on any work requests submitted, once you are put on the stand by list.

6. Submit portfolio materials (your own work) to promote you and your work on our website and social media platforms, to generate online traffic.

7. Submit your pricing ranges for you to accept work, and the fastest way to contact you. This is a first come, first serve, "go to the end of the line" waiting list, if you don't want to do the work request, it will not hurt your standing with the union, it just means you go to the end of the wait list, and the next artist is asked, and so on, etc. 

8. Promote yourself as a brand ambassador, treat this union and it's members with respect, as well as trying to over-exceed the client's expectations, in a timely manner. We try to recruit a lot of talent, and working together efficiently is paramount for the success to everyone involved. 

How much does it cost to join?

There is no fee to join our union. We ask for a portfolio submit (can be as simple as sending us links to your social media pages to check out your work.)

We sign agreement to work together, and promote each other. 

We make database and online portfolio to showcase on our website, which you can use to promote yourself as well.

We will look for work for you. We charge a 15% fee to do all this, and it comes from the commissioned work pay. If we find you work, you agree to do the work for 85% of the charge. (If you are used to $100 at 100%, if is okay to ask for $100 at 85%, we will charge accordingly.)

If you refer work and it gets commissioned, we will pay you 10% of the commissioned pay, as a referral fee, making you a booking agent for the union.

As none of us get paid hourly, this is strictly a commissioned based union. We all get paid after the client has okay'd the work.

Clients pay up front. They have up to 2 changes to a design (for free.) Once client has okay'd work, commissioned will be released to union member's accordingly.

No one, from the Portland Protainment Media Group, will ask you for a "enrolling fee" and any person asking such, is not associated with the union. We are strictly a commissioned based or trade-for-trade freelancer union. There is no fee to join, no membership fees, no packages or pyramid schemes to pay into.

Once the customer okays the work, we get paid our commissioned work, which should be agreed on before the work is started on.

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