The Story of "Portland Protainment"


Portland Protainment (Promotions&Entertainment) Media Group

The evolution of the media group.

Portland Protainment (which is an abbreviation for the terms "Promotions" & "Entertainment") Media Group, was founded in Houston, Tx (2006.) Formerly named "Prestige Protainment," it was one of the established underground media groups, being involved in many projects throughout the years. 

Founded by USMC Marines Veteran "German Javier Amaya" as a events coordination group, "Prestige Protainment" entered the marketing scene by assisting 2 major teams in the Multi-Level Marketing companies Tahitian None and Zrii. After growing their network, marketing efforts went to televised infomercials at car dealerships, to event promotions by chance of trying to gain prospects through networking the Houston night life scene. 

After meeting with many of Houston's nightlife venues, a team of 6 promoters, each with different social media marketing talents, started their venture into event coordination and promotions for Houston venues and restaurants. The parties grew, and the team took every chance they could, to try new forms of marketing. 

Invited to multiple interviews for his previous work experience, the founder, now going by alias "AMAYA4000," was hosting his own online radio show, named 'The Dirtbag's Radio Show." The show grew enough in popularity to be nominated "2012 Houston Press Music Awards Best Radio Program" and hosting radio station, made history by being the first online radio station to beat FM stations and winning "2012 Houston Press Music Awards Best Radio Station." with 4 radio programs nominated. 

The radio show segments spun off to live broadcastings, affiliating with "Golden Wings Studios" in Houston, Tx, to host a TV show called the "Lone Star Music Lounge," where local artists did live performances, and a live radio interview was recorded in studio. 

At the peak of performance, Prestige Protainment was a union of 50 members, with the ability to perform corporate level events, and marketing campaigns, as well as generating media content for all parties involved. Services ranged from commercial advertisements through mediums, brand ambassadors, to video production and photography services. 

In the summer of 2018, after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston, Tx area, the head of the company decided to move it's efforts to a new city. After traveling around the United States for 3 years, Portland, Oregon (with the prospects of a new MLB team, and the entire possibilities and nightlife / events spiraling from this growth) would be the next city to move to. 

After 10 years in the Houston marketing industry, we have moved to the Pacific Northwest, ready to handle and coordinate the rise in the service industry for the Portland local businesses. 

The "Prestige" was replaced with "Portland." The logo remains the same. 

Our goal is to generate media for all members involved or affiliated, to showcase your abilities and talents, to generate prospects for commissioned work, centralizing the marketing efforts of freelance artists, to one central union. 

Portland Protainment Media Group is here to make you marketing visions a reality, as well as help you build your careers and handle your social media/ online presence. We are a internet content generation group, ready to work for you! 

Portland Protainment's past Projects include:

-The Dirtbag's Radio Show

-The "Drunk" Quiz

-The Lone Star Music Lounge

-The Ruben Stunner TV Show

-The Men's View podcast

-Prestige Protainment Media Group

-Golden Wings Studios

-DJ Bigg O Mobile DJ

-The Jump Off Radio Show

-Dirtbag Radio Audio Productions

-The Prestige Printshop

-Drank Ade: The Aid to your Drank

-Red Carpet Promotions

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